Faculty Publication

Drs. Anderson & Wymer’s New Chapters

Drs. Ron Anderson and Andrew Wymer have recently published two chapters in the T&T Clark Handbook of Sacraments and Sacramentality, edited by James Farwell and Martha Moore-Keish. The handbook “introduc[es] readers to the contemporary field of sacramental theology, [including] the biblical and historical foundations, a survey of the state of the discipline, and a collection of constructive essays representing major themes, practices and approaches to sacraments and sacramentality in the contemporary world.” The handbook is separated into two parts. Part One focuses upon the foundations of the sacraments, while Part Two consists of constructive essays with three subsections about sacramentality, particular sacraments, and contemporary themes.

Dr. Wymer’s chapter is titled: “White, Wet Devils: Baptism, Race, and the Struggle for Baptismal Solidarity” and is a part of the subsection about particular sacraments, more specifically baptism. Dr. Anderson’s chapter is titled: “Science and Sacraments” and is a part of the section about contemporary themes. We encourage you to check out these chapters as well as the many others in the new online handbook.


Join us in congratulating Drs. Anderson and Wymer on their newest publications!