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The library has a variety of resources and services specifically for faculty. This aligns with our mission to enhance the teaching and learning process and empower research. To learn more about these resources and services, consult the options on this page.

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Resources & Services for Faculty

We provide a variety of support services to our faculty. To learn more about these, explore the options below.


Copyright Guidance

The Styberg Library has a guide, filled with current information about copyright, particularly as it is related to teaching and research. Explore the guide to learn more.


Course Reserves

The Styberg Library places required course readings on reserve. Physical items are available for in-library use for two hours. Many are also available online directly as e-books for reading, printing, and/or download. Consult this page for more information about this service.



The Styberg Library has access to thousands of e-books. This includes many e-books for your courses. Many others are available through Northwestern as well. Use this guide to learn more about finding, accessing, and using e-books.


Embedded Librarian

A Styberg librarian can be embedded directly into your Moodle course. They can then be available to help students with their research or assignments directly. Use this form to request this service.


New Arrivals

The Styberg Library continually adds new items to the collection. Each month, we feature some of newest additions. Explore this guide to see what has been added within the last year.


Physical Items

Garrett faculty have access to all the physical items in the Styberg Library as well as the millions of items available through the Northwestern University Libraries. Consult this page to learn more about requesting and accessing these materials.



The Styberg Library’s online catalog is known as USearch. Through USearch, you can discover millions of online and physical resources. Learn how to search and use its many features through this guide.


Please contact us if you have any questions or need any other course or research assistance.


To submit a request for library services, please use these links. Some will take you to a form to fill out, while others will prompt you to email us.


Interlibrary Loan Request

Sometimes, we do not own an item, or it is checked out. In this case, the Styberg Library has partnerships with libraries across the United States who are willing to share their materials with us. Use this form if you want a physical item or scan from another library.


Library Instruction Request

The Styberg Library offers a variety of instructional services, including classroom instruction, course guides, and embedded librarians. Use this form to request one or more of these services.


Online Video Purchase Request

The Styberg Library can purchase online videos through Swank, Kanopy, etc. Use this form if you want us to purchase an online video for your course(s).


Proxy Borrower Request

If you would like your graduate/teaching assistant to check out items for you, we can add them as a proxy to your library account. Use this link to request this service.


Searchable PDFs

If you would like assistance in creating a full-text searchable PDF that can be copied, edited, etc., use this link to share the scanned PDF. It will then be OCR’d and emailed back to you.


Scan Request

The Styberg Library will scan materials for your courses or research. Use this form to place requests. Searchable PDFs will be emailed to you.


Suggest a Purchase

We actively solicit your recommendations for the library collection. Use this form if you find an item that you think the library should add.


Please contact us if you have any other requests that are not addressed within these forms and links.


Faculty Publications

The Styberg Library actively collects the publications of our faculty. We have created a guide that features some of the most recent publications. Additional publications are discoverable through USearch.

Photograph of all Garrett faculty from 2021 standing on the front steps of the main building

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