Returning Items

When you have finished with items that you have checked out (including Northwestern items), you may return them to us in a variety of ways: at the library, in the book return, or by mail. All items, except for laptops, can be returned via the book drop or mail. Laptops must be returned at the Circulation Desk.

How to Return

At the Library

When the library is open, you may come inside to return your books at the Circulation Desk. You can either place your items in the book return below the counter or hand them to the Circulation Desk worker.

If the library is closed, or you do not wish to enter the building, you may return your items in the large silver book drop outside. The book drop is located to the right of the accessible entrance to the Main building, which is located to the left of the Main tower entrance. We check the book return every day the library is open.


If you live at a distance, you may return your items via mail. Any service or method is acceptable, as long as you obtain a tracking number for the items. Please use a sturdy box or padded envelope, and secure the items with packing supplies.


Please mail items to this address:


The Styberg Library

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

2121 Sheridan Road

Evanston, Illinois 60201

If items have been recalled or are no longer renewable, you may also return them using one of the methods detailed above.

You may also return any Northwestern items that you have checked out using one of the methods detailed above, and we will return them via the Northwestern Library courier system.