Giving Opportunities

"The Work and Words of the Holy Spirit"

Photo of windows in Hibbard, Seabury

 How can you participate?

There are many opportunities, both small and large to participate in the mission of the United Library as it serves Seabury-Western, Garrett-Evangelical, and the world-wide Christian community. 

  • Donate items.  The library is happy to accept individual items or personal library collections of books, media, and archival items.  At the discretion of the library staff, such items may be either entered into the collection or, if the items duplicate holdings, they may be distributed to partner libraries, needy students, entered in book sales etc.  Please contact Dr. Lucy Chung, the Acting Library Director, to discuss donations of this type. 
    • The library does not provide appraisals. We do supply a letter of acknowledgement that may be used for tax purposes.  If you estimate your donation to be of significant value, please consult your tax consultant and consider obtaining an appraisal.  There are many listed with the Appraiser's Association of America.
    • Please be certain to include your contact details along with your donation so that we may mail your acknowledgement letter.
    • Postage, transportation costs and arrangements related to delivering the items to the library are the responsibility of the donor.
    • In the case of archives, items are actually processed on a time and supplies available basis given limited budget and staffing.  To facilitate processing and reduce time in queue, we are happy to accept funds  to hire additional archival assistants and storage materials for your project.  The recommended rate is $300/linear foot of material.
    • We also seek permission to digitize archival materials for distribution to alumni, distance students, and interested researchers via the web.  If you own copyright to items that you have created, please consider granting us the right to digitize and distribute the electronic versions.  We have forms available for this purpose.   
  • Volunteer.  Volunteers are welcome.  Please contact Mary-Carol Riehs for more information.
  • Purchase a book program.  For every $50 donated, we will purchase a new volume for the collection and include a bookplate with your choice of inscription or dedication.  This is a wonderful way to honor friends, relatives, pastors, church leaders, and mentors for special occasions.  We will happily send a note to the individual you designate, or their heirs, to inform them that the gift has been made.  Contact the United Library at or for more information.
  • Perpetual Endowment.  Similar to one's own personal retirement account, an endowment is a deposit of funds from which only the interest is spent each year.  Thus the principal remains untouched and generates a steady stream of income that may be used by the library year after year.  Endowments for the United Library may be managed by the finance and development teams at either Garrett-Evangelical or Seabury-Western.   
    • Subject Endowments may be set up to purchase library materials, both electronic and in paper formats, for a particular field of study.  We are seeking funds on a broad range of topics from Biblical Studies to Church Music, to Methodist and Anglican History, to the Christian Experience in Asia and other countries. The topics are endless.  What is the theological discipline or book of the Bible about which you are passionate? 
    • Endowed Positions In addition to supporting the collection, endowments that fund library positions such as archivists, preservationists, catalogers, and reference librarians are also welcome. 
  • Special Initiatives.  The library also seeks partners to provide support for special projects.  The Library Director can provide details and in some cases, even vendor supplied graphics and estimates about these initiatives. Current projects include, amongst others:
    • a handicapped accessible ramp in the main level of the Seabury periodical room.
    • library-wide installation of a new RFID security tag system to facilitate inventory and prevent loss of materials
    • purchase of new circulation and check-out computers 
    • Purchase of "Ariel" scanning and Inter-library Loan system to share digital documents with other libraries nationwide.

Please contact the Development Office at Garrett for more information.

We look forward to working with you as we ensure the excellence of the United Library's collection and services in support of the next generation of church leaders! Truly this is the work of the Holy Spirit!