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Sharing assigned class readings

When professors assign library materials as required reading, the library staff makes those items available to everyone in a given class by pulling them from the stacks and keeping them "on reserve" behind the circulation desk.  In order that all students have a chance to read the same title, there are short check-out times for reserve books.  Reserve items are available at the circulation desk through the assistance of the circulation attendant.

Searching for Reserve Books

Shelf Life

We do our best to make reserve materials available one week before classes start and keep them up two weeks after classes finish. “Closed reserve” items may be subject to early removal from our reserves shelves, as we are not the owning library for these materials.

Circulation policies for reserve items owned by The Styberg Library

  • Please request items through the circulation desk in person and return them to the circulation desk when finished.
  • Check out is for 2 hours and, if no other student has requested the item, it may be renewed for additional 2 hours.
  • Once checked out, reserve items may not leave the library during regular operating hours (except as noted below).
  • If a book is available on the shelf two hours before the library's scheduled closing time, a student may check out the book overnight. 
  • Reserve items that check out over night will be due at the library’s next opening time. For example, during the regular term hours, a book checked out Tuesday evening will be due Wednesday morning at 8:30am, the time the library opens that day. A book checked out before 5:00pm on Saturday will be due at 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon, the time the library opens on Sunday.

Circulation policies for reserve items not owned by The Styberg Library

  • Some reserve items are the personal property of faculty members who have graciously made them available for student use.  Others are items that have been borrowed from libraries far and wide because they were out of print and not in The Styberg Library's own collection.  These items are called "Closed reserves". 
  • Closed reserves differ from regular reserves only in that they may never leave the library premises and may not be checked out overnight. 

Late fees

  • A fee of $1.00 per item/per hour will be assessed on all overdue reserve items.

We make every effort to ensure that students have reasonable access to library materials required for their courses.Please be conscious of reserve items’ due dates and times. Late fees on reserve items are non-negotiable.