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Proxy Borrowing Cards

Faculty may designate a student, such as the faculty member’s teaching assistant, to act as a proxy for checking out library materials. The faculty member must notify the Styberg Library by submitting a Research/Teaching Assistant Proxy Borrower form.

  • Proxy relationships last for one semester, or longer at the faculty member’s request.
  • Books checked out by the proxy appear on the faculty member’s account. A note is made in the record showing which proxy checked out the item.
  • All communication regarding the item, such as overdue or recall notices, is sent to the faculty member.
  • The student assistant is to use the card only as directed by the faculty member.
  • The faculty member assumes all responsibility for the library materials.
  • The proxy relationship is not for the student’s personal use.

Questions should be directed to the Styberg Library at (847) 866-3909 or by email here.