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Rare Bible Display

June 7, 2019

The Styberg Library
Rare Bible Display Case in the Reference Room
(The Pastor Susanne Wilczek Memorial Display Case)

The Styberg Library invites you to come view the Summer 2019 display featuring a volume of the Psalms in braille published by the American Bible Society. Learn about Louis Braille and the development of his system of reading and writing based on six dots that allow the visually impaired to read texts with their fingers and communicate in writing with the aid of a braille machine. Check out the Braille Chart and see if you can identify some of the words or numbers represented by the raised dots on the open sheet of braille. The availability of the Bible and other works in braille provides the many folks with visual impairments the experience of freedom that comes through access to information, freedom that enhances their daily lives in ways that many of the sighted in our society take for granted. See the Word of God in one of the many ways it is communicated to humanity.

Braille Bible