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Highly Recommended Religion Databases

Atla Religion Database with Serials

The Atla Religion Database with Serials is a primary resource for research in religion. You can search for articles, essays, and book reviews in all areas of religious study. Use the “Scriptures” tab at the top to search for articles or essays on a particular passage of scripture. To learn more about how to use this database, see the Atla Religion Database Guide.

Ministry Matters

Ministry Matters is both a large website and an online collection of scholarly reference material. As a large website, it has many online resources, including media resources, to aid with preaching, teaching, and worship. It also has scholarly reference materials, like the New Interpreter’s Bible commentaries and the New Interpreter’s Bible Dictionary. Follow links to the “Research Library” and then the “Legacy Library” to access the reference book collection. To learn more about how to use this database, see the Ministry Matters Guide.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

ProQuest Dissertation & Theses is a searchable database of PhD dissertations, Doctor of Ministry theses, and Masters' theses. You can search by author, advisor, school, subject, or keyword. The full text of most dissertations and theses is downloadable.

Research in Ministry (RIM)

Research in Ministry is a searchable index of Doctor of Ministry theses as well as other practical doctoral degrees. The index can be searched by author, advisor, school, date, etc.


JSTOR is a full text collection of over 2000 academic journals. Both basic and advanced search options are available. Search one subject, more than one subject, or all subjects simultaneously.

Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology is an important online reference resource for the study of hymns and hymn writers. New articles are routinely added. Full access to this resource requires an additional login. Access instructions are available in Moodle by clicking on the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology button.

World Christian Database

The WCD provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations, and people groups. Extensive data are available on over 9,000 Christian denominations, as well as data on people, cities, and countries.