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Styberg Library Faculty Archives

As part of the library’s mission to preserve materials of institutional and historical value, the library maintains an archival collection of current and former faculty member publications. It is library policy to acquire two copies of faculty publications, if possible, either by purchase or faculty donation. If the publication is too costly, only one copy might be purchased and housed in the faculty archives. The publication is cataloged, and the record is added to the library’s online catalog. The archival copy is stored in a secured area of the library, which has restricted access. A special classification system is used in the archives to organize the publications alphabetically by faculty name and then chronologically by publication date. If a second copy is available, it is cataloged for the circulating collection classified under the Library of Congress Classification System.

The library is honored to promote Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary's faculty achievements physically within the library as well as online. The most current faculty publications are temporarily placed on display in a locked glass display case at the bottom of the stairs in the library to highlight faculty research and publishing efforts for library users. Further, the library promotes faculty publications regularly by including newly published titles in the New Arrivals area of the library and on the library website.

Donating Faculty Papers

Faculty are encouraged to consider donating their personal and professional papers to The Styberg Library Archives upon retirement. Faculty Archival collections serve as a rich aid in topics of institutional history, the development of programs and academic disciplines, and historical research.

Historical Interest Items Sought by Archives:

  • Bibliographic Materials: Resumes, vitae, memoirs, published and unpublished biographical sketches, genealogies, and newspaper clippings.
  • Correspondence (outgoing and incoming):
    • Official Seminary Correspondence: Letters and memoranda relating to departmental and Seminary business, minutes, reports, and files.
    • Professional Correspondence: Letters to and from publishers, colleagues, professional organizations, and former students.
    • Personal Correspondence: Letters to and from friends, relatives, and business associates.
  • Publications: One copy of all articles, books, reviews, or works of art.
  • Classroom Materials: Lecture notes, syllabi, course outlines, reading lists, and examinations.
  • Sermons and Public Lectures: Outlines, notes, and handwritten or typewritten scripts
  • Research Files: Outlines, research designs, raw data, notes, analyses, and reports of findings.
  • Diaries, Notebooks, and Appointment Calendars
  • Audiovisual Materials: Photographs, films, sound or video recordings, and tapes of lectures, interviews, or speeches.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you have questions about potential donation materials and procedures for donating or would like to schedule a donation consultation, please contact the Library Director.


When you decide to donate your archival collection to The Styberg Library, we will ask you to fill out a deed of gift form which will accompany your donation.