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Northern Illinois Conference Archives

The Commission on Archives and History of the Northern Illinois Conference (United Methodist Church) houses its collection of records and manuscripts at Garrett-Evangelical. Currently there is no archivist for this collection. The volunteers who make up the NIC Commission on Archives and History are listed on the NIC website.

These archives are largely comprised of the records of closed local churches from the geographical region approximating the northern third of Illinois. Some out-of-state collections found within the archives relate to churches or organizations associated with the former Swedish and Norwegian-Danish conferences of the Methodist Episcopal (later Methodist) Church. Beyond the records of local churches, there are also administrative records from conference organizations.

Few items in the NIC Archives relate directly to the laity, although many had or may have had involvement from lay people. These archives also contain conference journals and other publications, although these serials exist in greater number and in more complete runs in The Styberg Library's main collections. There are a few manuscripts, largely sermons of former ministers from the area, and some of the marriage, death, and baptism records microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah.

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Northern Illinois ConferenceĀ Archives

Rock River Minutes (1840-1854)

Rock River Minutes (1860-1922)