Library Oversight Committee


The Library Oversight Committee is appointed by the Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Committee advocates the central role of the United Library in the theological education that Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary offers. The Committee advises the Library Director in areas related to library policy, planning, and operations:

  • On general policies regarding collections, services, instructional programs, and infrastructure, as well as on major new initiatives and assessment processes
  • On budget allocations necessary to provide the type and quality of library resources and services needed by the seminary community
  • On behalf of the library regarding funding needs relevant to the library's services, resources, and infrastructure
  • Facilitating communication with and obtaining feedback from the seminary community of students, faculty, administrators, and staff with regard to library collections, programs, services, and infrastructure

Library Director will serve as the permanent chair of the committee.


  • One faculty member
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • IT Director
  • One student representative
  • Library Director


  • The Committee will meet three times per academic semester according to the Academic Affairs calendar. The Library Director may call for additional meetings if an urgent need arises.
  • Meetings will be limited to one hour.
  • The student representative shall serve as recording secretary.
  • The agenda will be distributed a few days before meetings.
  • Minutes will be shared for approval in each meeting.

Library Oversight Committee Members (2016-2017)

  • Faculty: Timothy Eberhart (f)
  • Business: Dale McClain
  • IT: Rich Barker
  • Student: Jordan Sprunger
  • Library: Lucy Chung