Getting Saved Search Alerts in Your Inbox

Find yourself frequently searching on a particular subject or author? A great way to stay organized and up to date with the latest collection additions is to save your search and setup an email alert. An email will be sent to your address weekly, usually every Friday, containing the results of your saved query.


Setting up a Search Alert

  1. Sign into USearch
  2. Execute a search
  3. Select 'Save query' from the left side of the search results screen
  4. Create a name for your search
  5. Select 'Save & alert'
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Select 'Save'

USearch Search Alerts



Modifying a Search Alert

  1. Select 'My Account' from the top menu
  2. Select the 'Queries' tab
  3. Select 'Update' for the search you want to modify

USearch Search Alerts 2


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