Hibbard Collection

Between 1907 and 1920, Lydia Beckman Hibbard (1834-1920), who was a faithful Episcopalian in Chicago, gave about $23,000 to the Hibbard Egyptian Library at Western Theological Seminary. Two professors of the school, Olaf Toffteen (Professor of Semitic Languages and Literature 1907-1910) and Samuel A. B Mercer (Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Literature 1910-1922) were responsible for the initial development of this library whose rich holdings encompassed the fields of Egyptology, Semitic Languages, and Near Eastern archaeology. Holdings include Description de l'Egypte (Paris 1809-28) Rosellini's I monumenti dell'egitto e della Nubia (Pisa 1832-44), Lepsius's Denkmaeler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien (Berlin, 1849-54) and Botta's Monument de Ninive (Paris, 1849-50). The Hibbard Rare Book Collection (and the Mummy) are now housed at Garrett-Evangelical.