Printing, Copying & Scanning

Printing & Copying

The United Library’s copying and printing services are managed through a web-based payment system called PaperCut. With this new system, a user can check their printing balance from any internet-capable device, see their environmental impact, and even use the copy/printers without having their physical print card with them. Follow the link on the library website to check your balance at anytime.


 An account has been created for all registered students. When a student activates his or her account, a microchip is placed on the student’s ID card which associates the card with the account. To use the printer or the copier, simply pass the card over the chip reader (pictured above) on the machine. The microchip tells the machine who you are, what your balance is and if you have any jobs waiting to be released.



 In order to activate an account, students need to stop by the circulation desk, create a password, and receive a microchip.


Paying for Prints & Copies

Money can be added to PaperCut accounts right at the circulation desk.  We accept cash only.



Black & White




Double-Sided B/W


Double-Sided Color




Sending Print Jobs

When you are ready to send a print job over from a library computer to the printer, the computer will ask you to type in your username and password. Then simply walk up to the printer, wave your card and select the document to release. The default printer is the smaller, Black & White printer.

Additional Information:

Click here for our policies concerning account setup.

Click here for detailed information about costs and using the new equipment.

Once you have an account you may click on the green PaperCut icon to the left to manage your use.



The Zeta Scanner

The library now has a state of the art Zeta scanner. The use of this machine is free to the members of our community. The Zeta Scanner allows you to save your scans on a USB drive or email them.  Some of the advantages of this machine as opposed to flat bed scanners are that it is open faced, so it better protects the binding on some of our more delicate items. The Zeta also has embedded software that automatically corrects for the natural bend of the pages in thicker materials and will even scrub out your finger tips should they make their way into the scanning frame. The video below provides information about how the scanner works.  (Note that our machine does not print and offers varied editing features.)